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Frequently Asked Questions.

You’re all out of X! When are you gonna make more?

Probably never! We make our product in highly limited quantities. That means once something sells out (it can take hours or weeks), we never make it again. The early bird gets the worm.

Why are some of your shirts priced high?

All the t-shirts are made, manufactured and printed in the USA, which costs a bit more. Everything is limited edition and collectible. Making t-shirts limited means we do not mass produce our shirts, which allows prices to rise. This is a home grown business, not a corporation.

Why are your t-shirts limited edition?

Everyone likes what no one else has. You don't want to walk down the street and see half a dozen people wearing the same shirt you have on. A lot of people are willing to pay a premium for a non-mass produced shirt. Plus it adds a whole other feel and makes it more than just a t-shirt line. It's collectible, limited wearable art.

I'm not sure what size to get, what should i do?

If you are deciding between two sizes, it is recommend that you choose the larger size. See the chart below to find your exact size.

How do I wash my clothing?

The shirts will shrink a bit in the wash, but to get the most consistent fit, machine or hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. To prevent color fading, wash the shirt inside-out with like colors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

*We also take Concealed Cash, e-mail us at for details* But Paypal preferred!